I hired Janis to be my Life Coach when my life had spiraled into a dead end.
Over the course of a year, Janis worked with me to transform not only my personal life but also my professional career. I'm a new woman - a confident, independent and happy woman who has rediscovered her joy again. I'm deeply grateful to Janis for her patience, compassion, tenacity and professionalism.
Please feel free to contact me regarding a recommendation for Janis.

- Gale O'Brien, Author & Motivational Speaker at Transformation: Creating An Exceptional Life



Janis’ approach to public speaking and workshops is straightforward, truthful, interesting, compassionate, humorous, prepared, and educated.   She is a natural-born leader as well as speaker and conveyor of truth, inspiration, and information.   One-on-one Janis exemplifies compassion, honesty, and confidentiality.   The value I have received as a recipient of her coaching, as a workshop participant or audience member is invaluable, important, and life-altering.  Janis is a woman who walks her talk.  I recommend Janis as a leader, speaker, or coach, and I am grateful for the opportunity to sing her praises.  Please feel free to contact me for further information.  

-- Rita Stafford


I am growing so much, thank you for helping me look within myself and unlock the doors to my future!  You are fantastic at what you do!!

– Robin Kalvoda, entreprenuer  

Janis is an amazing support person.  She is heartfelt and cares about her clients.  In just a few sessions with Janis I was digging deep down inside myself and pulling out my inner strength, I always knew I had, but never knew how to get to.  My career and life have become more enjoyable, fun and easy to manage.  I would recommend Janis to anyone who wants to elevate to the next level, but is unsure of the steps to take.

- Diane Berry, Sales Consultant

Janis's coaching is like a mirror that reflects back ones own beauty and strengths so that we can see, appreciate, and utilize our own infinite resources.  
-- Carmen Marcolina, Registered Nurse

I want to acknowledge Janis Pullen for being a freaking AWESOME coach! After being in someone else’s group programs for 2.5 years alongside Janis, I chose to work with Janis for private coaching. I’m glad I did. She was my champion, my mirror and role model for exceptional coaching and she supported me in achieving both my income and life goals. Specifically, she was an impeccably insightful listener, patient yet interruptive when necessary, and she lavished me with the kind of acknowledgement that helped me “own” my power and gifts. I can honestly say I came away from my time with Janis a far better coach myself, certain I would never go back to the way things were pre-Janis (overworked and under-joyed), and following my heart’s desire to serve the world in a way that makes me sing.

Thank you, Janis!
— Dinah Snow, Success and Leadership Coach,
President, International Coach Federation – Colorado, 2015

The growth and empowerment I achieved in one year of coaching was unexpected and priceless.  Janis is a blessing to all she encounters.   Janis is fun and full of life.  Her spirit of enthusiasm fills the room because she truly is passionate about what she does.  I love working with her because of her dependability and her follow through.  Please call me for references.

– Becky Benes, Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Director, and Speaker

The most “WOW” part of Janis for me, is the ownership that she takes in working with you!  She approaches the relationship as a “Partnership”, which means that she takes a “Personal stake” in your results.  This approach inspires you to follow her guidance and do the work because you know that she cares as much as you do about your progress!  

-- Lisa K. Hood, Financial Representativ

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!! Your love, guidance and being a stand for me help me to dive in head first, stay afloat, swim to the finish line, climb back up the ladder to the high board and dive off again. If this was not exciting enough, thanks so much for supporting me through the program, the year and my life.  I could not have done it without you.  Not a line.  I am so proud to be on my way.  You’re a great coach and friend. 

– Steve Lorber, Attorney at Law  

Through coaching I have strengthened and improved leadership, teamwork, productivity, employee morale, and retention.

– Victoria Good, PhD

In working with Janis I have completely transformed my results in both my business and in my personal life. She is magnificent, and I will be eternally grateful that I met her. Thank you for making such a profound difference!  -- Rebecca Baines, entreprenuer 

It is with honor and great pleasure that I speak to you about considering Janis Pullen as your coach. She is indeed an incredible partner and being of presence. She is compassionate, transparent, honest and authentic – in fact, she puts into practice what she inspires in her clients. I am excited about the path and journey I have chosen to take through coaching. You would be fortunate to choose Janis as your coach. 

– Jeaninne Grayson, CEO Center Now and Ananda Yoga

I have worked with Janis closely for the past six years.  She is fun and funny.  She is powerful and compassionate.  She is wise and willing to listen.  In short, she makes it easy to be in the audience.  People can see themselves in Janis.  They relate to her and are inspired by her.  She is professional and warm, beautiful and approachable, and knows her stuff as a leader.  You will not be disappointed when you work with Janis.  She is an extraordinary human being.  She has been to the bottom and is on her way to the top.  And the great thing is, she wants to take us with her!  I am honored to know her.  It has been my pleasure to receive both her support and guidance.  She is a devastating combination of brilliance and heart.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  

-- Hans Phillips, Ontologist

I had the privilege of being coached by Janis when I was in the midst of turmoil in my life. Janis’ ability to ask the right questions allowed me to make decisions that brought order and peace in my work, and opened my life to greater possibilities for the future.  And, I am re-inventing myself! Thank you! 

-- Vanaja Ghose, Artist

Janis is a very gifted coach, combining her training with sensitivity and genuine intuitiveness.  It gave me a true sense of security knowing she was ‘at my back.’ What’s more, she focused on all levels of my well-being, including some that I had sadly neglected.  I felt I received much more than I paid for.  Without hesitation I would recommend Janis to anyone needing a firm, but gentle, caring, and results-oriented coach. 

- Nancy Blackburn, Independent Insurance Agent

Thank you for giving me the tools and support to help me recognize, appreciate, and love the person that God has made me. By becoming aware of my essence and survival mechanisms I now have the tools to handle any situation, personal or professional, in a manner that is true to myself. I am a better person and professional thanks to you.

- Lisa Pillar, Chief Financial Officer

Janis Pullen is an extraordinary coach.  She has a gift for blending the skills of facilitative coaching- guiding, motivating and inspiring achievement at the highest levels- with the sensitivity and attunement of the ontological coach- providing the insight and emotional support that dissolves internal barriers to full self-expression and life satisfaction. I highly recommend her.

~ Gail Feldman, PhD, Psychologist, Author, Speaker, Coach

Janis helped see inside me the root of the current situation of unhappiness that I couldn’t see.  As a result of her awakening me, I was able to effect immediate change in my business relationship and in my life.
– John Dugas, Financial Planner