From my Heart:

Yes, I have experience and expertise, which you can read below.  But first, I want you to know WHO I am from my heart to yours and why I do this work.

I am passionate about wellness and helping others with weight issues because I was anorexic and then obese.  I know what it’s like to suffer and struggle with weight. I have studied weight loss and wellness throughout my life, since 1972.  As a former member of Overeaters’ Anonymous, Compulsive Eaters’ Anonymous, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and too many other weight programs to name, I am deeply aware off the pain and resignation that comes from weight struggles. 



About Janis

I emerged through those struggles and have maintained my weight since the early 1990’s.  I teach others to do the same with ease and permanence. I also want you to know I am passionate about people having abundant, prosperous businesses and lives because I have been self-supporting throughout my adult life.  I work with professionals, including entrepreneurs, to build businesses, make more money, and keep more of what they make.

My mission is to teach people worldwide who struggle and suffer with their weight to permanently maintain their ideal weight with grace and ease, to experience peace, and to love themselves unconditionally.  In order to reach more people, I teach weight loss coaches and health professionals to create and lead successful 6-figure weight loss practices.  This includes an understanding of the 9 mental/emotional sabotage patterns and how to shift them forever, along with coaching, marketing, and leadership skills.

I’m different from other weight loss experts and business coaches because, having struggled with my own weight issues in both anorexia and obesity and having built successful businesses, I bring my years of study, expertise, experience, and compassion in both areas of weight and business.  I am a fierce, passionate stand for my clients and never, ever give up on them, even when they become discouraged or resigned.

Janis Charlton Pullen is passionate about supporting the pursuit of excellence. 
Her 25 years’ combined experience in self-employment, senior sales management, facilitative business coaching, plus both public and private  accounting services provides an exceptional background for coaching, training, and speaking in both business and personal arenas. 

In addition to her business skills and interpersonal capacity, Janis listens --between the lines to what is spoken and unspoken.  She has keen intuition and awareness that lend themselves to laser, in-depth, ontological coaching. 

 Janis  not only provides powerful reflection and insights for clients; she facilitates action steps to enable and facilitate exponential shifts in clarity, power, and results…C.P.R. for your business and your life. 
 As a published author, a dynamic speaker, and a talented trainer, Janis provides a solid stand for possibility and magnificence.  She brings with her joy, compassion, serenity, and grace while inspiriting courage and leadership.  Clients say she inspires them to their greatness like a “Breath of Life.”